Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It's like a time machine, but for reality.

I have not been myself. I have been living in this alternate reality for the past two weeks. Time doesn't really exist for me right now except that I know it is not April anymore. Not sure when resurfacing will happen, but I wanted to let all those out there who have noticed that I was missing that I am not dead and I will be back. In the meantime, a pic of socks halfway through the process.

I'm not sure if the pic is added or not. If not, I don't know how to di it right now, and you can find the pics over at ravelry :) If it worked I hope there are not three of the same pics.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Mean Kitty

This seems to be going around ravelry, but oh how it made me smile. Enjoy!

As for knitting, this weekend started early for me. I left work around 2:30 on Thursday and didn't have to go back until today. Why you ask? Extra vacation days? The niceness of my boss? No, I'll tell you why. The dread stomach flu. Needless to say, little knitting got done for the first two days. A lot of sleeping, basically no eating, and no knitting at all.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Marshmallow madness

Do yourself a favor. Watch it twice. I was crying during the second viewing.


Sunday, February 17, 2008

A girl's gotta have some socks...

Whether that girl be human or canine.

My lovely Hederas in C*EYE*BER Fiber, Electric Plum.

Cookie A's Twisted flower in Louet Gems, Eggplant.

Ribbed wonders in Berroco Sox, 1477 (the blueish-green one).

And the too-big-soon-to-be-frogged Monkees in Colinette Jitterbug, Dusk (77).

Which is your fav?

The good, the bad and the ugly

A.K.A. clue #2, I hate you.

So, I've been doing this Secret of the Stole ii. It's a cool little online thingy in which each week a new part of the chart of DK, the nautical knitter's, new pattern is released. I have been holding on to this beautiful South American alpaca I was given and thought this would be a great time to use it. I was mistaken. I 'm not sure there will ever be a good time for this yarn. Which brings us to the ugly... I'm gonna do it all backwards so I leave you with the good.

The Ugly:

Can you see all the ends? It's hard, I know. Since it's so hard for you to count them, let me do it for you. 1... 2.... 3.... 4.... 5...... 6.....?!? Really? 6 joins in the first 100 rows? Are you kidding?!?!?
No. I am not kidding. I had 6 knots to untie and join back together at this point in my knitting. I was still using my first skein, only 50 grams in.

Who's ready for The Bad?

The bad is that at some point, one of those joins turned my stole into this. Stripes. Not so much the look I was going for.

And now, The Good;
Isn't she lovely? Isn't she beautiful? Yup. This baby is made out of a whole new yarn. I broke down and decided I just could not go on with the other yarn of horrors. Coincidently, I made this decision just in time for the Super Bowl Sale at my LYS and I got to bring home two lovely skeins of Jade Sapphire Lacey Lamb. Seriously I had rubbed this yarn on my face every week. It basically already belonged to me if you counted the number of my epithelial cells mixed in with the luscious superwash wool. And at the start of week 5 of the SoTS ii I have just finished clue #2, again. Does that count as doing 4 clues?

Bonus pic (cuz you guys are so great):

These are the six tiny cakes (shall we call them cupcakes?) of yarn that made up clues #1 and #2 of SoTS ii version 1.0. I'm just sayin' right now that if something happens to version 2.0 there will NOT be a 3.0.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

I just read 257 comments.

Usually I'm not so much of a comment reader, at least not on other people's blog.
Mostly they are stupid people with little to do besides berate other people's opinions. I read the comments on this post, though, because they were making me laugh. The comments were making me laugh. After about 150 I should have stopped. Now they are just making my head hurt. And I do agree, Spencer is a douche and I hurt for Heidi that she can't see the devil horns hiding in his perfectly-groomed-yet-evil hair.
There is knitting going on, I promise. Later all will be revealed. (I haven't uploaded pictures to my 'puter yet)

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Vacillation in knitting land

As a knitter I'm usually very focused. I find a project I want to do, go out and find yarn just for that project, promptly sit down and knit, knit, knit until I am done with said project. My mind never wanders to other projects that might be looming or that have been sitting hidden in the closet.
The problem with hanging out with a group of excellent accomplished knitters (Karen, Kristen and Gena) is seeing all the wonderful options out there. My blinders get yanked off with a vengeance.
For the first time ever I have at least 4 projects that I am working on. These babies are not just sitting on needles, they are in my bag (actually, I am up to two bags). I carry them with me everywhere. Let's not even get into the fact that I am also carrying 3 kinds of roving, a book on spinning, and a 1.8oz top whirl spindle.
So what are these amazing projects I can't leave behind as I trudge back and forth to work, the store, the park, everywhere(!) ?

1) My lace project. I am working on the Icarus scarf from Interweave Knits Summer '06. (Thank you Kristen, for a lot of things :) ). This project is the first to be cast on from yarn acquired at SAFF, an amazing and wonderfully welcoming fiber and animal fest in Asheville, NC. The girls and I went a couple weekends ago. This amazing yarn is a lovely sage color handpainted by The Sanguine Gryphon. It has been lovely to work with so far. Pics coming soon.

2) My cable project. The twisted flower socks by Cookie A. Lovely yarn, complicated pattern, size 1.5 needles. These needles have been silent for weeks. (Why am I still carrying these? Because I will finish these, oh yes I WILL finish these socks.)

3) My alpaca project. Oh the wonders of alpaca. Remind me to tell you about the wonders of making alpaca yarn. It's an adorable bag. I've made this bag before in a bigger size, same yarn different colorway.

4) My practical project. I am making Knucks in the amazing Iris colorway from Miss Bab's. I'm not sure that I will embroider anything on these. The colors of the yarn and gorgeous and need no further adornment. Pics also coming soon.

I'm also carrying in my bag(s) a 7 ft finished scarf out of organic cotton. I'm not sure why I still have this with me. Partly I think I'm just trying not to loss is before I give it away for X-mas. I loss stuff... a lot. Like the feeling in my left arm as I lug all of this around.