Saturday, November 18, 2006

Spinning Roving Swap package

I had such fun taking part in the spinning roving swap. I spent months looking forward to recieving my box, but what turned out to be the best part was sending all the goodies I found out to my partner. It gave me an excuse to get a little crafty crazy. I was so hoping that Julie would love it and she did! She posted about it here and put up some great pics of what I sent here. When I read her post (I read her blog regularly) it almost made me cry. She was so appreciative and I feel like she really loved the stuff I sent which was my ultimate goal. Lots of times I handmake things for people and they don't really understand what time went into the process. It's nice to be appreciated.
It's been about forever since I sat down and just decorated stuff. The last time was my freshman year in college and I decorated an empty bottle of Malibu rum with pictures ripped out of a magazine and clear nail polish. Got a bit of a high that night. I also painted a craft box with nail polish that year now that I think about it. I had a touch of insomnia that year and started getting creative with my time. Maybe I should have studied more... hmm.
Anyways, Thanks Julie for the kind words, and oh! I should talk about what I got too. My other swap partner was Paula who went under the assumed name of Bruce Sparrow, not relation to Jack. She sent me a lovely Bosworth spindle and some very lovely Burgandy/bluish roving. I also got some of the softest white roving I have every felt. Her pics turned out much better thanmine, so here they are. It is all very wonderful and waiting for me to learn how to spin. Thanks to all again.

No longer a sad llama

Since I changed the name of my blog (again) I figure today might be a good day to talk about my fear of names. Names are powerful things. Much more powerful than most people believe. I used to be a Mindy. No, I was not a cheerleader. I wasn't even perky, but Melinda seemed so grown up and Mel just reminded me of old men.
I hate naming things. Animals, blogs, companies, stories. I jsut can't ever seem to get it right. I am always thinking about what conclusions people are making about me, my fiber, my fabric creations. So, I have changed my blog, or published new ones like four times. Don't be surprised if the name keeps changing with my moods. Since I am feeling very productive right now and I have lots of things I am looking forward to this llama is not currently that sad.