Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Gasp, another post....

Don't worry... no pointless drivel about things which mean very little to those other than me. Today I thought I would chat about something which could make anyone's day full of roses, sunshine and some annoying Disney-like forest music. Today I want to talk about Converse. Now, I love my Chuck Taylors. I can't get enough of them. Basically since I was old enough to pick out my own shoes I have bypassed the trendy heels and dangerous looking wedges other were wearing, and picked myself up a pair of reliable, good-for-everything chucks. I have to confess, they weren't always real chucks. More than once I found a great pair of converse knock-offs at Payless and gladly paid my $9.99 for 3 or 4 months of wear. Mostly I couldn't resist because they were made out of some fantastic fabric with ladybugs or some other nonsense. Either way, real or not, I have worn every pair until the hole in the bottom of the sole starts letting in little rocks (or snow) and then, they get to live in my closet for a long time before I can part with them.
Did I just get a new pair? Is that what this is all about? No, even better. I was perusing the little knitting booklets... you know the ones the cover one wall by the yarn in the craft store? I was looking for some variation on a style of baby sweater I am hoping to knit for an ex-boyfriend who just had his first baby. (A girl! Welcome to the world little Niev.) In amongst all the horrible, terrible, no good, very bad bootie patterns I discovered (pause for effect) a pattern for baby high-top Chuck Taylor All-Stars. Oh my. The world is right again. Can't you see the sunshine breaking through the clouds? What is that annoying sound I hear? Disney forest music?
I am almost done with the first shoe. I am making some modifications as I want it be a little girly, but I could not think of a more perfect bootie for my artist friend's first daughter. (or anyone frankly... if I have some time I am going to try to make slippers for myself on much bigger needles with bigger yarn.)
Happy Wednesday folks. Hope there's a smile on your face too.

ok... I have to update. I just went to the site to get the link info and all, and I discovered that Converse has a design your own All-Stars feature. How cool is that.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I spend like 90% of my life in a state of paralysis. I look around and see all these wonderful things creative people are making and I think "That's just gorgeous" and this melancholy comes over me. This sense of longing and loving all packing into a second. See, I could be one of those creative people. I am a creative person when I allow myself to be. The problem is I can't feel without consequences. My greatest defense against being swallowed in fear and sadness is often to not open my mind to anything. I find myself stopping any sort of mental conversation which will lead me to thinking about pretty much anything emotional. Most people can't or won't understand this. They want to know why I don't sell the things I make. Why I don't go back to school. Why I don't get a better job or look at the life I am living and make choices. "I can't" never seems to be a good enough answer for them.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

A new image for a new year

Every nine months or so I decide I can no longer stand my hair and need to get it chopped off. Once this ended with very short hair and two thirteen inch braids on their way to Locks of Love. I left the salon feeling great about someone else getting a chance to have hair and not so great about the way my hair looked. I never like my hair after it gets cut. I'm thinking this is why I never get it cut more than twicea year. This christmas, I was hating my hair again and instead of looking for someone local (I never go back to the same person) I got my hair cut in California. by my mother's stylist. It doesn't suck. It's also not what I asked for, but all the same. I am back to hair above my shoulders