Saturday, December 01, 2007

I just read 257 comments.

Usually I'm not so much of a comment reader, at least not on other people's blog.
Mostly they are stupid people with little to do besides berate other people's opinions. I read the comments on this post, though, because they were making me laugh. The comments were making me laugh. After about 150 I should have stopped. Now they are just making my head hurt. And I do agree, Spencer is a douche and I hurt for Heidi that she can't see the devil horns hiding in his perfectly-groomed-yet-evil hair.
There is knitting going on, I promise. Later all will be revealed. (I haven't uploaded pictures to my 'puter yet)


Elke said...

I ate your cookies this morning (yum, breakfast) and they were delicious! Thank you for sharing. ^_^

Have a safe trip, and a great Christmas with your family.

Anonymous said...
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